Sunshine Coast Personal Training Tips

Get the Most out of Your Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer

People hire a personal trainer with goals in mind. Our Sunshine Coast PT clients’ goals are usually physique or function based i.e. they want to build muscle, lose fat or perform better in a chosen sport or movement. In order to get the most out of your personal trainer, you need to treat them as a coach and commit to putting in work outside of your sessions with them.

Achieving your goal usually requires a mix of strength gains through progression and overload, plus improvements in cardiovascular efficiency, skill-set, balance, proprioception and nutrition. That’s a big list!

Now consider this… just 1 or 2 personal training sessions each week, do you think you can cover and apply enough time to each of these elements to achieve your goal in a timely manner? Unfortunately not…

The answer is to treat your personal trainer as a coach and strive to apply relevant recommendations both in and out of your PT sessions.

A business coach, client relationship example…

Business owners utilise coaches to direct and focus their efforts, to provide a non-emotional view of their business procedures and operations so they can advance their business and achieve their goals. They may only work with their coach for an hour each week, so they use that hour to plan for the week ahead and reflect on changes from the week before. The value of the coach is in their knowledge of what is required for further progression and their feedback on implementation of past decisions.

The BIG changes to the business happen OUTSIDE of the coaching time, just as the BIG changes to your physique or performance happen OUTSIDE your personal training sessions.

So here are some tips on getting the most from your Sunny Coast PT sessions, while still achieving a cracking workout:

Bring a couple of written questions:

Write down a couple of questions that you’d like some tips or pointers on for the week ahead. Think along the lines of good food substitutions, some new meals to try, a different style of training or some recovery pointers. This gives you a couple of specific things to implement in the week ahead.

Make a couple of notes reflecting on your week:

Consider the tips or suggestions from your PT (as per the above point) and write a small reflection of your implementation and any factors you think hindered or helped you include them in your week.

Ask your PT to set you general warm-up and cool-down routines:

Certain movements require specific warm-ups, but everyone should start with a general warm-up and finish with a general cool-down. If you take it upon yourself to get these done outside of your session time, you can dedicate 5-10 minutes to the discussion of your goals and implementation of lifestyle tweaks.

Get social:

Most personal trainers have business Facebook pages and they’re always looking for interaction. If you don’t like the idea of taking questions to your personal training session, simply post them to our KineticsCorrect Facebook wall. You’ll probably get your answers sooner too. Be sure to continue to note your implementation during the week and discuss with your personal trainer during your session!

  • Adding these small suggestions to your weekly PT session will ensure you not only receive great workouts, but you’ll be coached in mindset, nutrition and lifestyle relative to you and your goals!