Sunshine Coast Mobile PT Explains about Training to Failure

Training to Failure; the Last Few Reps

Part 2

What’s the last few reps?

As I explained in last week’s article, the whole reason for prescribing a set number of reps with a set weight is so that we can measure what our body is currently capable of and slowly increase that.

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Mobile Personal Trainer Sunshine Coast

Training to Failure and the Last Few Reps

Part 1

It may have been Arnold Scwarznegger who first said the last rep in a set gives you the gains. Scientifically speaking this isn’t 100% correct, but it is still a valid concept to consider in terms of motivation.

In order to challenge muscle and elicit growth, you need to subject it to more work than it is used to. This sends a message to your body that basically says, “Hey, if we’re going to be asked to do this time and again, we’ll need to be bigger and stronger so we don’t get injured!’.

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Sunshine Coast Personal Training Tips

Get the Most out of Your Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer

People hire a personal trainer with goals in mind. Our Sunshine Coast PT clients’ goals are usually physique or function based i.e. they want to build muscle, lose fat or perform better in a chosen sport or movement. In order to get the most out of your personal trainer, you need to treat them as a coach and commit to putting in work outside of your sessions with them.

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